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You are covered to the extent provided by the policy for physical loss, damage, theft or attempted theft of Own Property (tools, tool boxes, test or demonstration equipment) within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland whilst loaded upon your vehicle or whilst stored off the vehicle in a Locked Building or a purpose-designed tool store.

In addition we indemnify you for loss or damage to employees’ effects for the limit stated within the policy whilst such property is being loaded on, carried on, or unloaded from your vehicle.

We also cover tools and equipment carried on your vehicle or in your customer's premises for demonstration purposes.


We will not cover Lap-top, palm-top and similar portable computer equipment, mobile telephones, smartphones or mobile communication equipment

We will not cover money, credit, debit or charge cards, lottery tickets, scratch cards or property of a similar nature

We will not cover theft from unattended vehicles unless all windows, doors or other openings are closed and securely locked, all alarms set and all keys removed. If the vehicle is parked overnight you must comply with the parking conditions set out in the policy.

We will not cover theft from a purpose-designed tool store unless the tool store is locked and permanently fixed to the floor.

We will not cover second hand property for scratching or denting unless caused by an accident to the conveying vehicle

We will not cover own property being driven under its own motive power or property being towed on its own wheels

We will not cover own property whilst being dismantled, erected commissioned or tested.


RSA is a leading international general insurer operating in the UK, Ireland, continental Europe and the Middle East.

We are one of the world's oldest general insurers, providing peace of mind to individuals and protecting businesses from risk for more than 300 years.

Today, we are proud to be a customer-focused, agile and resilient business, with strong brands and an emphasis on operational and performance improvement.


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SMART TOOL PROTECTION PACKAGE - Alarm + Insurance + App + Sticker

Customize SMART TOOL PROTECTION PACKAGE - Alarm + Insurance + App + Sticker
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  • Excess fixed at £100
  • ARMD’s tool insurance is not ‘new for old’ cover. It protects the depreciated value of your tools from theft and loss, but not everyday wear and tear.
  • ARMD’s quotes are indications only and are made subject to insurers’ approval. If you instruct ARMD to secure cover for you on the terms quoted, we will do so within 24 hours or refund your premium payment in full.
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  • Simple to add tools
  • Buy specialist tool insurance
  • Make a claim without having to contact the Insurer
  • Control your smart ARMD GUARD Van Sensor
  • Shop for the latest power tools


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Bundle Summary

    An OBD port is a vehicles ‘On-Board Diagnostics’ port. It is a socket usually found under the steering wheel or near the glove compartment. It may be covered behind a removable panel.If you cannot find it google the make and model of your vehicle with OBD in the search i.e ‘Ford transit custom 2019 ODB location’

    The PIR sensor that goes in the back last 7 years. The ARMD Guard hub that goes in the front takes power from your vehicle battery so unless the vehicle is left stationary for months it should stay powered. If for any reason the power does run out or the up is unplugged you will be notified in the ARMD app and by text message.

    Product BrandRSA


    Yes they are as we recognise that it's not practical to have to load and unload your tools at the start and end of every day. The tools however must be locked in your van with any alarm turned on and out of sight. Your van should be parked:

    • In a locked compound or
    • If you are stopping at a hotel, in the hotel car park or a well-lit street adjacent to the hotel or
    • If you are at home, on your driveway or on a well-lit road next to your home

    Yes they are. Simply let us have the registration number of the van that you drive and advise us if that changes. 

    Each claim will have an excess of £100 applied

    This is an Indemnity policy which means that the insurer, RSA, will take wear and tear into account when settling any claim. They calculate this at 10% of the purchase price per year up to a maximum of 5 years.

    The policy works on a per vehicle basis. If you carry your tools in more than 1 vehicle you will need to buy a policy for each

    Simply advise us of the registration number of your new van and we will make the changes to your policy for you

    We cover hundreds of different trades but there are a few that we don’t. These are:

    • Breakdown/vehicle recovery
    • Bullion and/or precious metals
    • Door to door sales
    • Entertainers
    • Market traders
    • Mobile shops
    • Outworkers
    • Party sales
    • Sales representatives


    • Simple to add tools
    • Buy specialist tool insurance
    • Make a claim without having to contact the Insurer
    • Control your smart ARMD GUARD Van Sensor
    • Shop for the latest power tools



    The AMRD GUARD Van Sensor watches over your van and is the ideal deterrent to any unwanted attention

    • Calls your phone instantly to warn you if your van is attacked
    • Find your van with the in built GPS
    • Install in 2 minutes



    ARMD Tool Insurance supports the realities of a tradesperson's job and aims to get you back on the tools quickly if a theft occurs

    • 24/7 Van Cover at no additional cost
    • Your tools are covered whether you drive your own van or a company vehicle
    • Fast quote and purchase
    • Quick Settlement
    • Underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance



    You can quickly submit claims at the touch of a button without having to talk to the Insurance Company

    • Fast
    • Easy to use
    • Stress-free



    The ARMD Tool Shop stocks over 30,000 of the latest tools

    • Ensure your new tools are protected and insure them at checkout
    • Orders are automatically uploaded to the ARMD Inventory App
    • Free Delivery