DC40RA Fast Li-ion Charger 36-40V

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The Makita DC40RA Fast Li-ion Charger has been developed for charging Makita XGT 40Vmax Li-ion batteries. Use the ADP10 interchangeable adaptor to charge LXT Li-ion batteries. Equipped with two cooling fans: one for the battery and the other for the charging circuit; enabling it to charge consecutive batteries at the optimum charge time. It has an improved charging indicator status, raised and enlarged for clearer indication. You can also select the full charge melody notification sound.

The XGT 40Vmax range is equipped with special electronics providing digital communication between tool, battery and charger. This allows the charger to provide the optimal charge to the battery depending on the status of the battery, whilst the tool can respond to the status of the battery by optimising performance to the battery level.


Battery Range: 36-40V
Battery Type: Li-ion