GP-LC 36/35 Li-Solo Power X-Change Chainsaw 36V (2x18V) Bare Unit

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The Einhell GP-LC 36/35 Li-Solo Power X-Change Chainsaw is powered by two high-performance 18V batteries (NOT supplied) and is driven by an Einhell brushless motor. It also features a high-quality OREGON guide bar and chain, a cutter rail length of 350mm and a cutting speed of 15 m/s. So it cuts through larger trunks with ease.

The chain can be changed and its tension adjusted without the need for any other tools. Safe and easy to use, kickback protection and an instant-reaction mechanical chain brake protect you whilst you work. The chain stops right away if kickback occurs. A catch bolt holds on to the chain if it jumps off the rail. Chain lubrication is automatic. A large opening is provided in the oil tank for topping up the oil.

Comes as a Bare Unit, NO battery or charger supplied.


Cutting Speed: 15 m/s
Sword Length: 35cm
Max. Cutting Length: 33cm
Oil Tank Capacity: 115ml
Weight: 4kg