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An OBD port is a vehicles ‘On-Board Diagnostics’ port. It is a socket usually found under the steering wheel or near the glove compartment. It may be covered behind a removable panel.If you cannot find it google the make and model of your vehicle with OBD in the search i.e ‘Ford transit custom 2019 ODB location’

The PIR disc sensor needs to go in the back of your van and cover the widest viewpoint possible including the doors where a breach is most likely to happen. Often this is on the bulkhead about 12 inches down from the roof, which would cover the back doors and a side door. Still, we understand that because of racking and different van configurations this is not always possible so in these cases place a far away as possible pointing at the most vulnerable parts of the van. It range is from 10cm to 5m. The sensor comes with a cradle that can easily stuck on or screwed to a surface and the PIR sensor then clips into it.

Sometimes the vehicles OBD port is already in use with another device in this situation you need to buy an extra OBD splitter here
Other times the OBD port maybe difficult to reach therefore you may need OBD extention lead which you can buy here

The PIR sensor that goes in the back last 7 years. The ARMD Guard hub that goes in the front takes power from your vehicle battery so unless the vehicle is left stationary for months it should stay powered. If for any reason the power does run out or the up is unplugged you will be notified in the ARMD app and by text message.

There are no top up's needed as the data is covered in your monthly or annual price.

After our research there were a number of different reasons why we did not include an audible siren within the alarm:

• The police are more likely to put the blue lights on and come to the scene of the crime if they have a chance of catching them red handed. BTW we always encourage you not to approach a theft that is taking place. Simply call the police and if you can try capturing them on film at a safe distance. This is for your own safety and will also support any insurance claim.
• They often do not deter the thief and irritate the neighbours when accidentally triggered.
• It brings the price of the product up therefore making it less attractive.

ARMD collects various alarm usage and location data, such as how often the alarm is armed and where the vehicle travels. It is worth noting that none of this information is shared with any third party organisations, and is only used to improve the products ARMD makes for tradespeople.

We cannot speak for other insurers but ARMD insurance products still cover you if your alarm happens to be turned off when a theft happens. We do however expect you to have it plugged in and being used regularly to show that you are taking action to try and prevent and protect your tools and van. It is worth mentioning that if you have ARMD insurance and your van is attacked whilst the alarm is armed, it can help to verify some claim details and speed up the process which is one of the reason we sell it with insurance.

A tamper switch is triggered when the ODB connector is removed. This will activate an immediate phone call alert and SMS message to alert you

Once you have purchased and installed the ARMD guard smart alarm you will be able to access the vehicle tracker within the ARMD app under the Security section.


Vehicle tracking has a different login to the one you registered when signing up for an ARMD account. You should have receive an email from us when you bought the alarm titled “Important information regarding your new ARMD Guard alarm” which includes the tracking login details. After your first login, you will then be prompted to change your password.