Superior tool protection for tradespeople

ARMD Guard Smart Van Alarm & Tracker

The latest in ARMD's fight against tool theft is the ARMD GUARD Smart Van alarm and tracker which silently watches over your tools and alerts you (but not the thief) with an instant phone call notification upon detecting motion. The police are more likely to respond to a crime if they can catch them red-handed.
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The smart way to protect your van

  • Allows you to take immediate action in the event of a break-in.
  • "Plug and Play" set up - Wire free installation.
  • Find your van and track movement with the inbuilt GPS.
  • Arm and Disarm is from your ARMD app
  • Silent alert calls you whilst the break-in is happening without the criminals knowing.
  • The hub is powered by the OBD port in your vehicle.
  • The Sensor has a 5-year battery life.
  • Tool inventory app that allows you to log all of your tools and receipts.

Track your van from your mobile or desktop

If the thief steals the whole vehicle you can track it through the ARMD app and share the information with the police.
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Interested in Stocking ARMD Products?

I am a Insurance Broker
Commercial tool insurance has never looked so tough! We have learnt a lot, built the best product we could and now we are looking for brokers to do their thing! The ARMD Tool in Transit policy is a great compliment to any commercial trade broker's offering.
I am a Retailer
The ARMD Guard smart alarm and tracker suits any retailer or ecommerce business that sells to tradespeople. From independent bricks and mortar merchants through to online tool shops, the ARMD Guard is the go to security for tradespeople. It is the tool that watches over the tools!