Superior tool protection for tradespeople

Easily log the tools you own
Avoid disputes when making a claim
Digital proof of ownership
Free for all tradespeople
FREE to all trades people the ARMD Tool Inventory enables you to quickly record and manage your tools and their receipts in one place allowing you to see what you own and the real world value of what you are driving around everyday. You can access the inventory via your desktop browser or download the mobile app.
Availble online and from the app stores

Are you an Insurance Broker?

Find out why the tool inventory for tradespeople gives the ARMD insurance superpowers

Inventory and Claims work hand in hand

Self-service digital claims guides you step-by-step through the process to ensure the claim is complete whilst auto-calculating the claim value based on tools selected from inventory.

Enables 5 day claim promise

The tool inventory not only gives a realtime estimation of the value of tools but doubles as a repository for proof of purchase images, serial numbers and receipts, all of which enable super fast claims