Superior tool protection for tradespeople


Superior Tool Protection for Tradespeople

Tool Inventory To Log Tools & Receipts
Add a Smart Van Alarm & GPS Tracker
Dedicated Tool Insurance
In the VAN Tool Cover 24/7
Unique 5 day claim promise*
Built Specifically for Tradespeople

Having your tools stolen is devastating

Unfortunately it is all too common with a van in the UK being broken into every 15 minutes. ARMD was founded to tackle this problem and provides unique tool protection products that combine smart, accessible technology alongside better tool insurance which is more accessible to tradespeople via our broker network. We are designing products to not only help prevent your tools from being stolen, but also get you back up and running quickly in the event of a loss. Ensure a break in doesn't ruin your livelihood. Protect your business and GET ARMD!

How ARMD are enabling trades to beat tool theft


ARMD Tool Inventory

ARMD Tool Inventory enables you to quickly record and manage your tools in one place allowing you to see what you own and what it's worth.

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Take pictures to help verify ownership.
  • Register and keep track of the tools you own.

ARMD guard smart van alarm

The ARMD GUARD Van Sensor silently watches over your tools, providing both a deterrent and an instant phone call notification upon detecting motion.

  • Allows you to take immediate action in the event of a break in.
  • "Plug and Play" set up in a few minutes - no technical knowledge required.
  • Find your van and track movement with the inbuilt GPS.

ARMD tool insurance

ARMD Tool Insurance that's fit for purpose and gets you back up and running quickly if you suffer a loss.

  • 24/7 van cover at no additional cost
  • Your tools can be covered if using a company vehicle
  • Quick claim settlement with our 5 day claim promise*
  • Also for employees with their own tools
"I don't think any other insurance company would pay this quick."
– Andy Jordan, Joiner at Dante Group and happy customer

Self-service Digital Claims

Submit claims easily at the touch of a button.

  • Guides you step-by-step through the process to ensure the claim is complete.
  • Save time by not going back and forth with the claims handler.
  • Auto-calculates the claim value based on tools selected from inventory.

Make them think twice!

Deter an opportunistic thief and show your support by sticking our hi-vis 'This vehicle is ARMD' vinyl sticker on your van. A sticker is included with every ARMD Guard you buy.

Show your support by posting a photo on social media and tag @ARMD_Ltd with hashtags: #StickOneUpToToolTheft #ProtectYourTools #getARMD

News Worthy Tool Insurance

"ARMD Helps trade business recover from smash and grab raid"

"I just submitted my claim via the App listing all the tools from my inventory that were missing, went on holiday... It was a really smooth process and from submitting the claim to getting the money took less than a week."

James Flamson Auto-technician

"Joiner gets tools just 72 Hours after tool theft"

"I don't think any other insurance company would pay this quick. I recommended ARMD to the lads at work who could not believe how fast it was paid."

Andy Jordan Joiner


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Interested in Stocking ARMD Products?

I am a Insurance Broker
Commercial tool insurance has never looked so tough! We have learnt a lot, built the best product we could and now we are looking for brokers to do their thing! The ARMD Tool in Transit policy is a great compliment to any commercial trade broker's offering.
I am a Retailer
The ARMD Guard smart alarm and tracker suits any retailer or ecommerce business that sells to tradespeople. From independent bricks and mortar merchants through to online tool shops, the ARMD Guard is the go to security for tradespeople. It is the tool that watches over the tools!