Superior tool protection for tradespeople

How does tool insurance work?

ARMD offers tool insurance to tradespeople so that they can protect their tools and equipment in the unfortunate event that they are stolen. Life can be very unpredictable at times, and with the current economy, many people are searching for illegal and easy ways to make money, stealing.

Why take the risk in not having tool cover insurance? You never think having your tools stolen will happen to you until it does. So be prepared. ARMD offers tool insurance for all types of trades people so that they can protect everything they have worked for.

Why You Need Tool Insurance

Tool theft has disastrous implications, and just about half of all trades people never think to obtain tool insurance, this renders an already perilous situation worse. If you or your business suffer losses, be it tools or equipment, ARMD are here to help you get back to work as efficiently as possible. At ARMD, we pride ourselves on being able to offer trades people a simple solution to tool insurance.

Tool theft is a huge problem, there are reports of tool theft every 23 minutes, which really adds up over the course of a year, resulting in over half of all builders working in the UK having their tools stolen from them. This can result in huge losses of income, leaving many trades people out of pocket and unable to work. Close to 50% of all trades people do not hold tool cover insurance, so why take the risk in becoming another statistic?

How Does Tool Insurance Work?

Getting tool insurance with ARMD couldn't be easier. Simply get in contact with us to arrange a quote for the tools and equipment that you want to insure, and let us do the rest. Once your tools are insured with ARMD, you will be completely covered in the unfortunate event that your tools are stolen from your van, site or home.

ARMD has over 30,000 tools currently available and ready to ship to you in the event that your tools and equipment gets stolen. We keep and provide a record of what tools and equipment you currently own so that if anything goes missing, you'll easily be able to tell what you have and don't have. We can arm your van or toolkit with the latest security technology, which prevents theft.

Don't take the risk, you don't want to be left with nothing, get tool insurance today with ARMD.

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If you want to enquire about tool insurance cover, or to get a quote for what tool insurance in van overnight might look like, then why not give one of our expert team a call today? Get in contact today to find out how we can help you to protect your livelihood and ensure your tools are covered in the unfortunate event of a theft.