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The paperwork nightmare is over

The paperwork nightmare is over

Many trade business owners find paperwork a major problem, especially if they run a small business and don't have dedicated administrative staff. Even if they do have such staff, it can be a challenge to keep track of paperwork and handle it efficiently.

Our new partner, Powered Now, are here to help tradespeople get their admin under control.

"We know that no one goes into business to do paperwork, so we created Powered Now to help trade business owners make their life easier. People use the Powered Now app on their phones, tablets, laptops or PCs to look after all their admin stuff, manage their team and have all in one place", explains Ben Dyer, CEO of Powered Now.

Most people who start trade businesses are better with their hands than with office work, and they truly hate paperwork. The freedom that running your own trade company brings can be both profitable and liberating. However, this freedom can be spoiled by long evenings spent creating quotes, issuing invoices, and then turning your hand-written notes into statutory documentation.

Smartphones have the potential to simplify paperwork for electricians, builders, gas engineers, and other trades. Powered Now’s sole mission is to make that a practical reality.

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Create great looking paperwork

There are many forms and paperwork involved in the running of a business, including invoices, quotes, job sheets and certificates.

Powered Now, field service management app, makes it simple for you and your team create professional-looking paperwork anywhere. You can select from their templates and upload your logo in just a few seconds.

You can even find the most popular forms and certificates, such as Electrical, Gas Safe and many other.

Supercharge your office

Powered Now is the central hub for a busy company. It can be used to dispatch engineers, schedule appointments, chase customers, and issue job sheets.

Remote staff can be tracked and you can use their chat to communicate with them too, so your office team is super-powered! You don't need to search through many apps, software, or files to stay on top of everything.

Manage your business from anywhere

We know how hard it can be to find out who owes money, which projects you need to work on and where your team needs to be.

Powered Now allows you to run your business anywhere. It works offline as well as online. Their clever sync technology makes it possible to keep in touch with your office and team while you are on the road with a customer, or even on holidays. Watch this video of a Powered Now customer managing his business whilst enjoying his vacations.

Works on all devices

Powered Now works wherever you are. You can use their app on Android, iPhone, as well as an online version. All data is protected and backed up so that you don't have to worry.

Get your evenings back

Trade business can come in many shapes and sizes. There is a huge difference between an individual electrician, a team heating engineers, or a building company.

Powered Now has been making it as simple as possible for you to manage your paperwork for 8 years! With everything in one place, and great communication between your office and field workers, they help you stay on top your business.

Ready to try Powered Now? Start your free 14-days trial today!