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Should You Keep Your Tools in Your Van Overnight?

If you own tools that you use for work then you may find that storing them in your van overnight is the simplest and most efficient way to look after them. However, when you consider the risks that are involved with leaving tools in a van, you may be left wondering what the best solution really is. From arranging tool insurance to thinking about safe storage, we've got the advice you need to be able to decide whether to keep your tools in your van overnight or not - check it out now.

Storing in Your Van - The Pros

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy when you decide to store your tools in your van overnight:

  • Easy Routine - you will be able to get up and go every day, knowing that all your tools are ready.
  • Simple to Organise - with so many different tool storage options on the market, you can arrange the back of your van with a set-up that is easy to access and lock when not in use.
  • Work Life Balance - if you unload your tools into your house every day then you will be constantly reminded of work, causing you to struggle to switch off when the day ends.

Storing Tools in Your Van - The Cons

Whilst there are some logical benefits to storing your tools in your van overnight, there are also some cons that you need to be aware of too:

  • Higher Theft Risk - when you leave your tools in a van, you are more likely to be the victim of theft and damage if someone tries to steal them.
  • Temperature Changes - if the temperature in your van drops significantly overnight, it can cause your tools to become brittle or damaged, meaning that you will need to replace them more often.
  • You Could Invalidate Your Insurance - unless your insurance specifically covers your tools overnight, you could invalidate it by leaving your tools in your van. Check your policy documents to check the requirements.

Arranging the Best Tool Insurance for Your Needs

Whether you decide to keep your tools in your van overnight or not, you should definitely consider investing in tool cover insurance. Tradesman tool insurance not only protects you if your tools are stolen but it also covers you for accidental damage or loss too. There is a range of different insurance options, including tools in transit insurance that covers your tools when they are in your van and being moved from place to place throughout the working week. When you consider the financial impact that the loss of your tools can have, it's clear that investing in insurance is the only logical solution!

Let Armd Help You with Tool Insurance UK

Tool insurance comes in a wide range of options with each being designed to help tradespeople get the cover they need at a fair and affordable price. Whether you need tool insurance only or tool insurance for vans, there are options to suit every need. Contact our dedicated team of experts today and let Armd keep your tools covered.