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Is Tool Insurance Worth It?

Tradespeople can purchase tool insurance from ARMD to protect their expensive tools in the terrible event that they are stolen. Due to the current state of the economy, many people will look for fast and inexpensive illicit means of making money, such as theft. You wouldn't want to be taken by surprise without having tool insurance in place.

Why run the risk of not having tool cover insurance?

You can never predict when something like having your tools seized from you will occur. ARMD Security offers tool insurance for a variety of tools and equipment, so be ready.

Why Should I Insure My Tools?

If you haven’t already considered tool insurance, then you need to. Did you know that over 50% of all builders who work in the United Kingdom have had tools or equipment stolen? That's over half of all builders, meaning that if you’re a builder there is a 50% chance that your tools could get stolen.

This can have serious implications to your business and ability to make money. Not having tools to carry out jobs can be detrimental to business, it could lead to getting bad reviews from customers you can no longer complete work for.

Perhaps the biggest reason to insure your tools is that tools and equipment for many tradespeople, be it builders, plumbers or roofers, can be incredibly expensive. Having to replace tools is very costly and could mean your business loses out on a lot of money.

Why Get Tool Cover Insurance With ARMD?

ARMD have an inventory of over 30,000 tools available to replace your stolen tools. We can have your tool replacements delivered to your doorstep in no time. This means that in the event your tools get stolen, you will have suitable replacement tools to continue working as normal, ensuring you don’t lose out on any earnings.

Peace Of Mind

Tool insurance is definitely worth it. Tool insurance can provide you peace of mind, knowing that in the event your tools get stolen, you can have replacements in no time and can continue working as normal. There are tool thefts reported every 23 minutes on average, so why take the risk without having tool insurance?

Tool insurance can protect your livelihood, ensuring that you won’t need to stop working in the event your tools go missing. This means you greatly reduce the chances of lost income or negative reviews about your business.

Get In Contact With ARMD Today For Tool Insurance You Can Rely On

Whether you need a full security system installed in your van or you want tool insurance in van overnight, ARMD can help. Simply get in touch with a member of our expert team today for a quotation.

Our team are extremely knowledgeable in all of our available solutions, and will help you find the right kind of tool insurance or security system to ensure the protection of your tools.